The Best Writing From Women I Read This Month

I’m still burnt out from the dumpster fire of 2016. Death, disasters, and populism spread like wildfire across the internet and social media. There has never been a more divisive time, but women fighting back with their best writing is giving me life.

The woman writes back

Here are some of the best writing from women I read this month:

When things seem hopeless, my best self-care method is writing. That’s why when I feel myself succumbing to despair, I take time off social media and the internet. I breathe. I immerse myself in a book. I learn one new thing. When we take care of our own mental health, it rewards us with courage to move forward and keep fighting. And if you still have questions as an aspiring writer, this is for you.

Feel free to add your favorite writing by women in the comments below. Also here’s a cupcake.

the pinayist writing cupcake

Author: Pia Besmonte

Pia Besmonte is a poet, literature teacher, and author based in the Philippines. She wrote “Manic Pixie Depressive Gremlin”, a collection of poems on mental health awareness and empowerment for millennial Filipinas. She loves to paint, sing, watch films, and take care of her family, Team BLG.